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 About me

My name is Andrew, but I go by Andy most of the time and I am an Arizona native. I grew up loving the outdoors from all types of cycling to trail running and have always found something to fuel my passion for photography. During my schooling, I spent my high school years on the Cross-country team and in Track and Field. Furthermore, I continued my athletics in the ASU cycling and Triathlon Club for 3 years where I served as the Cycling captain. I then spent close to 6 years working in the special event industry as an Operations Manager for Life Time Athletic Events.


Since 2015, I have been working with ChargePoint to bring electric vehicle (EV) charging to drivers and businesses across the country. Here, I have continued my diligence in operations and logistics. I have always been an honest believer of working hard and being passionate about what I do and have stayed true to that throughout my professional career. 

Let's work together

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Email:                                  Phone:  480.882.8112

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